What Swimmers are Saying . . .

*​You're a miracle worker, Anne. Couldn't be happier. My mindset towards swimming has totally changed. It's really remarkable. I had the BEST time at our SwimRun, and looked forward to the swims over the runs. We passed several people in the water, and came in 7th place for women! I haven't stopped talking about it since :). I cannot believe how much that one session with you changed everything. I am so, so grateful. THANK YOU.  - Michaela 

*Anne - WOW! Thank you for the unbelievable lesson and all of this great information. We are so appreciative and have been signing your praises since.

In fact I was with another adult student of yours and we are both in awe. - Ilene

*I have been playing sports my whole life, and you are the best coach I have had in any sport. - Alexis

*Anne, thanks again for getting me to join this amazing group. 

You are a great coach and I am lucky to have found you. - Mike

*Anne - you've helped me improve SO MUCH in the water. You are a crucial key to my success in my build to Kona :) -Ellen 

*So THANK YOU, just two lessons with you has taught me a lot and really built up my confidence and allowed me to get to this point, which is pretty awesome and speaks volumes for your patience. I also spoke to MH this week and we were talking about your lessons and she was so thankful for the time you spent with her, which got other people asking. She was so funny she was trying to describe how you teach, and she finally said, you think, I think she's really the swim whisperer! - Ron 

*I’m so grateful to you for all of the encouragement, positive feedback, and great coaching. You’re such a gem!!! Emily 

*Before swimming with you I had no idea of my pace or ever locked at the clock. Thanks for turning me into a swimmer and helping me see progress! -Katy 

*I met you last Sunday at the National Harbor Open Water Swim. You were terrific. I'd like to do a lesson to learn how to breathe on both sides and better sighting. -Char 

*Thanks for your help. I feel much more efficient in the pool and now know what to focus on. Couldn’t have done it without you. -Evie 

*Anne, That was a great lesson and amazing how effective the changes were. You're a great teacher!  -Alison  

*Dear Anne, I am grateful for your patience and encouragement during our sessions. I appreciate the clarity with which you explain things. - Hiram

*Hi Anne - I just want to thank you for spending so much time helping me today with the drills and technique. You have such a great eye for picking out exactly what to work on! I am not only learning things as an athlete but also as a coach and what to try to look for when helping athletes myself. The feedback and drills you have given me are so much more helpful than anything I've received in the past with other programs or from other coaches. The way you explain things is exceptional! I appreciate all your help! I'm starting to actually look forward to swimming. :) Courtney 

*Dear Anne, Thank you so much for helping me to reach my milestone. Having you as my teacher allowed me to reach the unreachable and the dreams come true. With my thanks, Halina